Accolade, Finally!

So, I apologize. I’ve been scarce lately. But, you know, life tends to happen. Often when you least expect it nor want it to. At any rate, I am back and will be back intermittently.

Now, I often don’t toot my own horn often because there’s not really much to toot about. Today however I have awesome news and would like to boast – an accolade. Finally someone apparently saw maybe either a bit of brilliance in my writing or they were just desperate to publish any trash that came along. I like to think it was the first. One of my short stores is being published. Crux Magazine, a nonprofit biannual magazine, has picked up a short story of mine. The story will be featured in their 02 issue later this year. It will be published under the pseudonym Glandon Kheller.

That’s my big news. Finally an accolade and recognition of my baffling brilliance – or bullshit. One or the other. Either way, I’m still not being paid for it. Take care, y’all. And see you in the pages of Crux!