Here’s one cool questionnaire from Nietzsche (at least originally). I found this on a buddy’s blog – raynotbradbury. She found the post on Jeanne’s Blog. And she have found it on Paul’s Blog.

Here are my answers with one stipulation – NEVER LIE TO NIETZSCHE!

1. What makes one heroic?

Well, it was once said by one crazy-brave soul, “Courage is being the only one knowing you’re afraid.” I subscribe to this philosophy with one augmentation. Take the fear you feel in a fight-or-flight moment and turn it in your brain. Turn it into something you can actually feed from. Take your angst and adrenaline then grit your teeth and bear what comes.

I’ve also heard “Fifty percent of the fight is not showing your fear. If you aren’t afraid, you’re half way there.” It’s easy when you give it a try. Simply take that squish you feel in your belly and let it go. Granted, people may call you insane for standing up to Goliath, but need I remind anyone who actually won that battle? And, honestly, standing up for yourself will empower you for later challenges.

2. In what do you believe?

The cop-out answer of course – myself. I say cop-out because, well, like you couldn’t see that comin’? Yes, myself. But moreover, I believe in my choices, direction, the fact I listen to my heart. If one genuinely listens to one’s self, they cannot be led astray. And this inevitably ties to the next question.

3. What does your conscience say?

It speaks quietly. If it raises its voice, I can guess it’s exaggerating (elle oh elle!) If by chance that conscience ever begins to scream, you have two choices – ignore or seek a professional head-shrink! Go on, there’s no shame in a shrunken head.


4. Where are your greatest dangers?

The spent, desperate, and empty hearts of others. People will surprise you. They will turn on a dime and throw you change of a quarter.

5. What do you love in others?

Humility, honesty, and selflessness.

6. Whom do you call bad?

The haughty. The proud. The malcontent-at-all-costs. A person that spends his or her time persisting in developing his or her own physical, mental, or emotional well-being. A sour person who wouldn’t know happiness if it bit him or her on the ding-ding.

Selflessness isn’t just a Gandhi-esque idealism. This ideal actually works reciprocally in that when you give, the universe will return the given to you multiplied.

7. What do you consider most humane?

Random acts of kindness. There are two schools of thought here: “Treat people how they treat you” or “treat people how you’d want to be treated”. I subscribe to the second.

8. What is the seal of liberation?

My seal follows Nietzsche’s himself – self care. To not be ashamed of oneself. Stand as what and who you feel to be right and proper and true.



7 thoughts on “NIETZSCHE’S QUESTIONNAIRE – Why Not!

  1. i enjoyed this! i think i’m already following the other blogs so got to update myself there. one of my favorite courage quotes is by Alexander the Great “Isn’t it a lovely thing to live with great courage and to die leaving an everlasting fame?”

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