July 8th – Sunday Photo Fiction

Oh, I do love a good writing challenge and this one may as well have thrown me a curve ball. I’ve never been to New York City, much less Radio City, but felt a flash fiction story inevitably arising. So, for the following photo, the story comes in at 199 words.

Photo credit: Susan Spaulding

Without further ado, here is the story titled Yeah, Radio City.

Yeah, well, the stage – not as big as I thought, I’ve found. Radio City, in all its glitz and glamour and history, is magic, no doubt. But its size? I expected so much grander. Like at least the size of a good ocean liner or a carnival cruise ship. Something sizeable. This little nit-picky stage is supposed to hold the Rockets, for God’s sake.

 When my turn came, it was just me. And I tore up that stage. I danced. The singing was an aside to my spectacular moves. I was a Radio City Goddess – a legend. I made more out of the small space than Britney Spears on Ecstasy. I ripped that floor a new one and named it after myself. If fireworks had been attached to my heels, they’d have fired me to the moon.

I wrecked that stage like I was Rommel in the desert. I blasted the tunes and couldn’t keep my boots still. That was about the edge of the gambit. And the very short stage.

When I got up off the audience floor, the applause was worth the broken collar bone. I swore I’d never dance Radio City again. Until my next performance.



21 thoughts on “July 8th – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. Oh, I do like this. I’ve been, and it is true. All the hype is for promotion.
    Like game shows on TV – the ‘real’ audience is not that big.

    Keep dancing – Well I know it was the character – but all of life is a dance to some degree. Thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt. I like to mix short forms. And had already written my piece before seeing SPF prompt.
    I might have another flash fiction piece. As I do like to write flash fiction as well.


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