“Burn Your Shoes!” They Said . . .

Wow, it’s September already. I love fall. It’s my favorite season. Sorry I haven’t posted much in a while. I’ve been doing other things – writing and sending my novella out to prospective agents.

But, lately, what’s making the news? Shoes. People are burning their shoes that they paid good money for. I understand the burning is to protest the NFL’s protest or some such. Isn’t this all some pompous schoolyard preening and bullying? Men sticking out their chests at other men because they don’t like what those men are doing?

Today is September 11th. For those who don’t know, back in 2001 there was an horrific terrorist attack with hijacked domestic commercial aircraft. Two jet liners took down the world trade center buildings, one destroyed part of the Pentagon, and one, had the terrorists not been thwarted by balls-y passengers, would have ended up in the US capitol.

Shortly thereafter our country went to war.

Now, whether you believe the conspiracy theories that this was perpetrated by our own government (I do not), or whether this was a total terrorist plot – does this matter now? Not really. The damage is done. America will never feel safe and secure again, as we did before the attacks. Personally, the US government can barely coordinate road paving and construction. So, a coordinated inside job by the CIA with G.W. Bush at the helm? I’m not seeing it.

What gets me is the fact that people died in war and that attack. They died to express and preserve freedom. And yet here are some NFL guys expressing the exact same ideas and people are protesting the protestors! Is this what my beloved country of free and brave has come to? Expressing an opinion is one of the main principles our country is founded on. Is racism so ingrained in our culture that when someone stands up and says, “this is racism and this is wrong!” that opposing people will burn their friggin’ shoes over it?! (Elle Oh Elle!) I laugh because:

  • Nike already has your money
  • Sales because of this attention are UP 31%
  • You ain’t got no shoes to wear to your KKK rallies now

I don’t know if it’s necessarily the fact that our president is a bigot or not, but I suspect this has a lot to do with the given situation. Sadly, the same bigot followers of Trump are probably going to riot when he’s impeached.

All I can say, don’t riot on my block.

This is the part where I’d post also some heartfelt song of country genre for . . . well, the country. But sorry, no Lee Greenwood today. Oh, what the heck!

Thus ends today’s rant. Until next time . . .