Sun of Sarcasm

If you’re an avid watcher of CBS Sunday Morning, you saw the segment yesterday about suns. They have a stock of pictures and sculptures of the sun. The show gets them from the public.┬áSo, not to be outdone, I painted the sun and emailed a jpg to them.

My latest work – “Smirking Sun”. We’ll see if they use mine.

smirking sun


He’s Back . . . Oh, Lord!

That’s right! The man that can save no wrong. The man that can spend himself in one fell swoop. The man that owns more real estate than the state of Wisconsin and the All State Insurance Company. Dollar is back!

Let’s listen into his press conference already in progress:

dollar for president

” . . . and it doesn’t matter now if the past president was black. It doesn’t matter now if the current president is guilty of treason by colluding with Russia. Hillary wouldn’t have won anyway. And she didn’t! It doesn’t matter if I’m basically owned by China. I say this now and I’ll say it when I win. There is no Chinese collusion.

Now, I won’t lie. I do like a good batch of General Tso’s or Sesame Chicken. But that doesn’t mean I get my chicken directly from a China man. Or China woman, or China dog for that matter. China man chicken clucks for certain, but does it cluck all the way from China? In Chinese? Hm. Well, probably, but that doesn’t mean he clucks for me!

That is why I now throw my very expensive hat into the presidential ring! And it’s not a Chinese hat. That’s right, friends! 2020 will be my year! Our year, if you support me! And, maybe, just maybe, we can finally find those Clinton emails. Thank you very much!”

You heard it here first. Oh Lord . . .