And, So, All Good Things

As was said by . . . some wise person once in several different ways, all good things must surely end. Also said was, when God closes one door another will surely open. When one thing ends, another begins. Because all endings of eras in life are simply the beginning of new ones!

With that said, it is time. The time has come. Crook’s Eye View has outlived its welcome, I believe. We had a good run, looking back. Many posts of which I’m proud. A few, well, not so much. One or two straight-out bit the dust never to rise again!

However, I am not done. I doubt I ever will be. I have too much to say, after all (Elle Oh Elle)! And like a mighty, mythical phoenix whose rise from ashen flame to majestic flight, I will rise once more in one form or another.

I do, however, owe someone very special and close to me a very significant and heartfelt apology. She knows who she is. She floated into my life on seemingly magical butterfly wings and stayed with me to this day. I owe her more than a simple apology. I owe her my life, my fate, my freedom, my all. And, given that opportunity, I’ll pay this debt joyfully.

If for one reason or another she’s at a loss as to whose identity the person is, well, let me just tell her. “You know this person better than anyone else in the world, Ms. Henry, yet, I feel you may need someone to help you realize more about the beautiful person you truly are. I love you now, tomorrow, forever, always, and beyond eternity.”

And to Serendipity Herself, I say thank you. Thank you for your patience, your guidance, your security, your hope, your love. When I listen with a sober mind and a sincere heart, your guidance and timing is always pure and clean. Thank you from my heart to yours.

So, here we are on the cusp of forever. As was said by another wise individual, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Let this be the first of many more stones.

Take care, live life, love your neighbor especially in this difficult time of COVID. May God as you understand Him bless you always. And as always, keep from the dark, and bathe in the light!