About the Author

“To write: To throw out opinions, ideas, and beliefs onto society’s chopping block for all to read, see, and observe – the collective conscience and cultural bookshelf.”

Me in desperate need of a razor

I’ve written on and off over the years. I live in the hills of East Tennessee, just outside Knoxville, where the mountains actually do smoke from time to time. There is often a flurry to a blizzard of writing inspiration around here.

I treat fiction writing like a used car salesman might treat a ridiculous sales quota – meet it or be burned at the stake. Okay, that’s just ridiculous.



5 thoughts on “About the Author

      1. I’ll follow both. I’ll probably look at whichever you post to on SPF, but I’ll check out both. And yes, I just sent a narrative poem to a Mark Twain competition a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

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      2. Thanks.
        You might enjoy https://carrotranch.com/
        Though that flash fiction is limited to 99 words no more no less.

        Good luck on that Mark Twain competition. So far just do prompts and some poetic blog things. No money yet, though I’ve had some stuff published in charity books. And I was also included in the first Carrot Ranch anthology. 🙂

        I’ll book mark your place under my SPF list 🙂

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