The Genius of Leonardo – Fact or Fib?

Leonardo of Pisa – his genius cannot be denied and therefore is definite finite fact. The only fib here is his name, as it were. Born Leonardo Bonacci in the 13th century to a European customs official, he gained the nickname Fibonacci meaning “son of Bonacci”. Well, not necessarily a fib, I suppose.

The middle ages mathematician is known for the discovery or development of the sequence of numbers – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc… This sequenced pattern is found by taking the number one and adding it to the previous number in the sequence, i.e. in this case starting with one added to one which is two, two added to one which is three, three added to two which is five, five added to three which is eight, eight added to five which is thirteen, and so on to infinity.

Oddly, the man discovered this sequence while studying the breeding cycles of rabbits. The fact that this sequence is found in nature, not only rabbit breeding (see the chart again on this link), but also appears in daisy petal counts and spirals on the face of sunflowers sheds light and insight into the mind and heart of our Creator, in my opinion.

This might sound like fiction if it weren’t true (elle oh elle!) and, to me, not only illustrates a Godly Divine Designer in nature, but also one with a definite infinite sense of style and humor. Rabbits replicating in ordered pairs? Sunflowers and daisies following a mathematical suit? Yes, our God is not only awesome but also brilliantly humorous!

Until our next meeting, walk in the loving light!



Okay, I swear to you all, this is absolutely the last one! (Elle oh elle!)

Check back for tomorrow’s post (if you don’t want to indulge in sappy sonnets and poetry) on the Fibonacci Sequence on Fibonacci Day – 11/23!

Now, to my sweet friend – The Hummingbird Song.

He swells full on his favored bloom,

Her nectar his sustenance,

If the hummingbird had a song:

“Never alone, I’d die in you,

I live to wade your fjords,

Awaken to drown in every drop,

I’d die in you, my loving hope.”

He’d die to live in her presence.


Until tomorrow . . . take care!

The Seed of Love

So, my love wrote me the most beautiful email today which I would share with you, but that action, in my opinion, as beautiful as the note was, would tarnish its importance and meaning. You know, my eyes only. You get it, I’m sure.

For my love, I can only respond with another poem. Hopefully I’m not wearing y’all out with them but can’t seem to stop. My heart has overflowed!

Here’s my next installment titled The Seed of Love. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to my regular dissident self who berates the government for their sleight-of-hand bullshit. Until that time, here’s the poem. Take care and until our next dark meeting, walk in love’s light!


You boost my hopes,

Quell my fears,

Stand beside me

Through all my tears.


You lift my heart

To the peak of love,

And forever I know

There’s a God above.


You show me affection

Like I’ve never known,

And, with you in my world,

Security has grown.


Nothing or no one

Could ever replace

Your loving arms

And your warm embrace.


To you, my dear,

My life is decreed

My heart’s a flower,

And you are the seed.



“. . . My Heart is Yours”

I spent some time again with my new, precious friend and have come to discover what is real and true and worthwhile. For my friend, a short post with a poem attached titled Entrusted.

Hearts on whims will be broken in time,

With no forewarning, no reason or rhyme,

But you and I know precious jewels when they shine,

Because my heart is yours and your heart is mine.

To all of you, have a bright beautiful Sunday.

Leaving Today . . .

In my effort to be creative everyday, I dropped some more words on a page for someone special. For you, my sweet dear. You know who you are. A poem titled Living Volumes.


Volumes spoken surrendering meaning

To the only one who’s shown me

The truth in love and what the fates know.


I walked these halls alone in doubt

That such a love existed for me

Until now, and forever more we show,


How serendipity blooms like a rose

In morning’s loving warm,

The sun bleeds itself into us, until we go.



Reblog for a Blogger Buddy!

So, I’m going to try to start doing this more for my blogger buddies because getting your name and craft out there is hard enough. I’ve reblogged this for my blogger friend Seanarchy who’s published a couple books.

Message or email me if you’d like your book or post about your book reblogged or promoted. No, there’s no charge (Elle Oh Elle!) Being a starving artist myself, I know what scraping by on peanuts and the butter made thereof is like, and really only have one thing to say about that lifestyle: Peach Mango Kool Aid is the best!



Her other book: SKOLL'S DIARY

Take care, y’all, and stay out of the shadows. Until the next installment . . .

Vet’s Day – Freedom Remembers (Again!)

This is a reblog from last year. Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the vets out there! Freedom remembers you.

I was 17 when I entered the Army, well, the National Guard, actually, with my mommy’s permission. If I had to do it again, eh, I would. It was a character-building time in my life and I learned things about myself – what I can do, stand, prevail through – that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

I was 17. The summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I went to basic training on the Guard’s split option program. Fort Jackson’s sands filled my boots more than one day that summer. My dad tried to tell me, “Son, you ain’t gonna like the military.” I thought then that I should’ve listened to my dad. I still have conflicting feelings, really. (Elle Oh Elle!)

I followed in my dad’s footsteps, sort of. He was drafted during the Viet Nam Conflict to the Marines. He was offered E-5 Warrant Officer if he re-uped for four more years and took an MOS (job) of flying helicopters. He declined. And I don’t blame him! He’d have found himself in the heat of Hanoi before he could lace his jump boots.

At any rate, to my dad and my brother – two of my greatest teachers and heroes – Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service!

It’s What You’ve Done to Me!

So, I have been a slacker! Haven’t blogged in a bit, as you know. I’ve been . . . well, I’ve been falling in love. And it is without a doubt the purest, sweetest, most exhilarating event that’s happened in many years. Really, ever. My last love relationship, eh, maybe she loved me. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter a bit to me now.

But, for my new love, a poem. Here goes one that’s titled “It’s What You’ve Done to Me

Lockstep with you, we walk the miles of our hearts,
You focus on my strength, I focus on your smile,
Dissecting our lives into wondrous parts,

Bound to each other’s laughs and fate, hearts bound all the while,

Because when destinies and fortunes intertwine,
And the Gods smile on you and me,

What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine,
And together we’ll always be.

The end! And of course I have either some setting wrong or WP is effed up again because the line breaks are wrong. It’s supposed to be two stanzas.

Anyway, just wanted to breeze through and drop a line. Take care, people! And my sincerest hope is either you’ve found what I have, or you do soon. Walk in light and take care!

Fortunate One

Taken from ICanWriteFunny – Blogspot


So, here’s the thing. Every once in a while, I like Chinese food. Last night, I indulged in some chicken General Tso’s style. One of the many excitements of said indulgence is the Fortune Cookie. These fabulous fortunes are for the sheer entertainment of the spin some Chinese cookie maker might put on your fortune, not necessarily to be taken seriously.

However, this morning when I finished the last of my Gen Tso’s leftovers, I realized I had not opened my fortune yet. I was at first disconcerted of what I saw in the cookie. Then I started thinking this to be a cosmic sign. There on the inside of this cookie where that positive, uplifting, often cryptic fortune would lie, there was nothing. No little fortune paper whatsoever!

I thought of all the information we as a society, heck, as the world, now, with the internet, how we are bombarded with stimuli from all sides. Literally everywhere. Everywhere we look there is information. Street signs, car bumper stickers, and don’t get me started on all the crap we see here on the net, wanted and unwanted.

At first, I thought I got cheated. Then I took this having no fortune as a very positive sign. Do what you want with your future, Robert. Do what pleases you. Do what excites you. Do what you never thought you would do with your God-given years left.

So, I am. I’m not going to wait around for that publishing contract that may screw me over for all the rights to my novel anyway. I am going to (with some paid professional help) self-publish my novel. It’s time my novel was seen. It’s time it’s read by people whether I receive any kudos or not. Whether, sink or swim, it’s accepted by the literary world or not, I’m publishing.

So, look for my novel – Down, But Never Out – around the first of 2020. It should be out by then.

Here’s to your future. And all its fortune!

Take care, and until my next post . . .