Eff Ewe, Amazon!



Above is the cover of my self-published novel. All my hard work and its result.

Well, guess what? Amazon and/or just some asshole seem to be exploiting all my hard work and its result!

Here’s what’s happening. I suggest to anyone who has self-published with Amazon or Kindle Direct Publishing more specifically to go to  your product page and check for shysters and/or hangers-on!

Some asshole decided that (even though he hasn’t bought my book) he’d resell “his copy” of my book. He even has five different reviews (obviously fraudulent) of my novel. Oh, they’re good reviews, but WTF?! He doesn’t OWN A COPY! How could Amazon, a reputable company do this or allow this to happen and go on, on their website? Do they not police their own site??? I suppose they do not.

Below is the link to Amazon’s site with my book BY Amazon itself and two other fraud sellers.


Please, reblog, link on Facebook and other social media, and tell everyone you can that Amazon and its affiliates are greedy shysters. Thanks, take care, and until my next post, walk in light!

UPDATE: Amazon’s apparently decided to see things my way and have decided to take my book down, finally, after repeated attempts to get them to acknowledge me. The book is no longer available.

A Revolution Indeed

So, December 30th. This was the day I had a routine (supposedly) operation – hernia repair. The plan was to do the laparoscopic procedure fully by robotics. But, as fate would have it, difference won the day.

Well, after the surgery, I realized how blessed I am. Not only do I have a person that offered to stay the night in the hospital knowing she had to work the next day, but also, when I insisted she go home and sleep, she came with coffee for me the next morning. I love this person.

We went to Market Square for the ball drop in Knoxville for New Year’s Eve and she suggested, and I agreed, that we make the Market Square a yearly tradition. I again counted my blessings. Here is a person who’s had as many terrible relationship problems as I’ve had. And the fact that we take the time to work out even the smallest, minuscule details of our relationship comforts me to a point of security that I’ve never known, much less trusted. It’s one of the puzzle pieces that defines who we are. I know she understands. I know she’s been where I have. I know she sees things under the same tints of colorful light as me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, here’s to a revolution around the sun, and to many, many more to come. I hope that God gives us as many years, reasons, gifts, hopes, laughs, hugs, and kisses to each other as much as the total opposite that has happened over the former years until we met. The negativity that’s shaped who we are before we were together, has shaped the positive aspects of we are as a couple. I know I’ve never felt for anyone what she has shaped my heart into. I owe her more than she knows. And more than I could ever repay. She’ll disagree and say I owe her nothing. And I’ll take that. And be happy.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s to, not only a new decade, but a new era.

Take care. And walk in the light of true love.


Time and 2020

So, I’ve been taking some time off. As usual my blog has taken a backseat to real life. I have no one to blame and wouldn’t blame them if I did. It’s my fault and my fault alone.

I have been moving though. Kind of takes a chunk out of your days – moving. I moved in with my friend and we’ve spent time since we signed the lease on December 1st just settling in.

But I did want to mention with impending impeachment of The Orange and his subsequent following White House bid, there will be a new contender for that seat soon, as promised – Dollar!

dollar for president

See y’all soon! Take care now.


Okay, I swear to you all, this is absolutely the last one! (Elle oh elle!)

Check back for tomorrow’s post (if you don’t want to indulge in sappy sonnets and poetry) on the Fibonacci Sequence on Fibonacci Day – 11/23!

Now, to my sweet friend – The Hummingbird Song.

He swells full on his favored bloom,

Her nectar his sustenance,

If the hummingbird had a song:

“Never alone, I’d die in you,

I live to wade your fjords,

Awaken to drown in every drop,

I’d die in you, my loving hope.”

He’d die to live in her presence.


Until tomorrow . . . take care!

The Seed of Love

So, my love wrote me the most beautiful email today which I would share with you, but that action, in my opinion, as beautiful as the note was, would tarnish its importance and meaning. You know, my eyes only. You get it, I’m sure.

For my love, I can only respond with another poem. Hopefully I’m not wearing y’all out with them but can’t seem to stop. My heart has overflowed!

Here’s my next installment titled The Seed of Love. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to my regular dissident self who berates the government for their sleight-of-hand bullshit. Until that time, here’s the poem. Take care and until our next dark meeting, walk in love’s light!


You boost my hopes,

Quell my fears,

Stand beside me

Through all my tears.


You lift my heart

To the peak of love,

And forever I know

There’s a God above.


You show me affection

Like I’ve never known,

And, with you in my world,

Security has grown.


Nothing or no one

Could ever replace

Your loving arms

And your warm embrace.


To you, my dear,

My life is decreed

My heart’s a flower,

And you are the seed.



“. . . My Heart is Yours”

I spent some time again with my new, precious friend and have come to discover what is real and true and worthwhile. For my friend, a short post with a poem attached titled Entrusted.

Hearts on whims will be broken in time,

With no forewarning, no reason or rhyme,

But you and I know precious jewels when they shine,

Because my heart is yours and your heart is mine.

To all of you, have a bright beautiful Sunday.

Leaving Today . . .

In my effort to be creative everyday, I dropped some more words on a page for someone special. For you, my sweet dear. You know who you are. A poem titled Living Volumes.


Volumes spoken surrendering meaning

To the only one who’s shown me

The truth in love and what the fates know.


I walked these halls alone in doubt

That such a love existed for me

Until now, and forever more we show,


How serendipity blooms like a rose

In morning’s loving warm,

The sun bleeds itself into us, until we go.



Reblog for a Blogger Buddy!

So, I’m going to try to start doing this more for my blogger buddies because getting your name and craft out there is hard enough. I’ve reblogged this for my blogger friend Seanarchy who’s published a couple books.

Message or email me if you’d like your book or post about your book reblogged or promoted. No, there’s no charge (Elle Oh Elle!) Being a starving artist myself, I know what scraping by on peanuts and the butter made thereof is like, and really only have one thing to say about that lifestyle: Peach Mango Kool Aid is the best!



Her other book: SKOLL'S DIARY

Take care, y’all, and stay out of the shadows. Until the next installment . . .

It’s What You’ve Done to Me!

So, I have been a slacker! Haven’t blogged in a bit, as you know. I’ve been . . . well, I’ve been falling in love. And it is without a doubt the purest, sweetest, most exhilarating event that’s happened in many years. Really, ever. My last love relationship, eh, maybe she loved me. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter a bit to me now.

But, for my new love, a poem. Here goes one that’s titled “It’s What You’ve Done to Me

Lockstep with you, we walk the miles of our hearts,
You focus on my strength, I focus on your smile,
Dissecting our lives into wondrous parts,

Bound to each other’s laughs and fate, hearts bound all the while,

Because when destinies and fortunes intertwine,
And the Gods smile on you and me,

What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine,
And together we’ll always be.

The end! And of course I have either some setting wrong or WP is effed up again because the line breaks are wrong. It’s supposed to be two stanzas.

Anyway, just wanted to breeze through and drop a line. Take care, people! And my sincerest hope is either you’ve found what I have, or you do soon. Walk in light and take care!